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Cellcast™ In-Floor Cable Distribution System for Concrete Frame Construction

All HH Robertson cable distribution systems are UL-approved and fully comply with the National Electrical Code.


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HH Robertson's Cellcast system for concrete frame construction provides the same freedom and flexibility, cable organization, and superior capacity as HH Robertson Q-Floor/Taproute™ system for steel frame construction – but the difference lies in its cast-in-place installation method.

The composite steel floor, essential to the Cellcast in-floor cable distribution system, provides a structurally sound floor, eliminating conventional slab forming, reinforcing and shoring while also allowing rainwater to drain at the underside of the slab (a common problem with embedded duct systems). The combination of structural and electrical benefits makes HH Robertson's in-floor cable distribution system the most efficient and high capacity system available for concrete-framed buildings.


Cellcast In-Floor Cable Distribution System for Concrete Frame Construction

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Achieve Freedom and Flexibility

Other wiring systems may offer flexibility, but only
HH Robertson accommodates your desired office layout with less hassle. Snap-in-place preset outlet boxes eliminate the need for loud, messy and distracting core drilling. The Tapmate™ preset outlet box locations are chosen before construction, but afterset outlet boxes can easily be placed at any point along the cellular unit after the concrete pour. Simply remove the concrete to expose the outlet box, pull wires from the trench header into a box, mount your devices and you are ready to plug in.

Hassle-free activation with HH Robertson Cellcast system

  • Top down activation (no ladders required)
  • Requires no core drilling, allowing quick and easy activation during business hours
  • Quick activation with snap-in-place Tapmate preset and afterset outlet boxes
  • Provides multiple access points to telephone, data, and power
  • Accommodates a maximum number of workstations
  • Supports office churn and reconfigurations

5' X 5' Preset Module
One preset outlet box for every 25 sq. ft. of floor area. Patterns with 4' or 6' spacings are also available.

5' X 2'6" Preset Module
One activation point every 12.5 sq. ft

2'6" X 2'6" Preset Module
(full cellular)

One activation point every 6.25 sq. ft.

2'0" X 2' 0" Preset Module
(full cellular)

One activation point every 4 sq. ft.






High Capacity

With technology constantly evolving, an electrical/communication distribution system must accommodate all current high and low-voltage cabling, while maintaining the additional capacity to handle emerging technologies such as fiber optic cables. The Cellcast Systems meet these requirements allotting ample capacity for future cable technology, making this cable distribution system transcend time.

  • Organization made simple with ample space for future technology
  • Trench header serves as a well-organized center for cables
  • Cables safely compartmentalized in steel cells with fireproofing and concrete topping
  • Hidden cables provide uninterrupted view in an open floor plan
  • Provides up to 4 duplex receptacles for power and 24 low voltage ports
pre-punched holes

Pre-punched Holes
No drilling required. All openings needed for wiring are pre-punched at the trench-cell interface, making wire pulling efficient from either direction with no "doubleback" wire bends that rob feeder space. All openings are placed at the neutral axis of the cellular unit retaining its strength while ensuring easy and efficient wire pulling.

Trench Header

Trench Header
Tapway™ bottomless trench has the capacity to feed wires to large floor areas in an organized fashion with separate high and low-voltage compartments. Steel cover plates snap in to place... no screws to install.

Tapmate V Outlet Box

Tapmate V Outlet Box
Tapmate V preset outlet box offers 325 cubic inches of interior space - the largest available for cellular floors. This outlet box can accommodate four duplex power receptacles plus up to 24 low-voltage ports.

Unparalleled Performance

HH Robertson Cellcast for concrete frame construction eliminates both high- and low-voltage electrical interference. Unlike alternative wiring methods, the in-floor cable distribution system prevents signal interference in any application at no extra cost.

RF Shielding
Low-voltage equipment like cell phones or microwaves produces electromagnetic radiation, and when a wiring system is unprotected, this radiation causes signal interference. But every HH Robertson cellular floor system provides RF shielding because all cables are enclosed inside steel cells and trench headers to prevent interference.

HH Robertson cellular floor systems are electrically grounded to eliminate interference from high- or low-voltage power sources. Welding each cellular unit to the steel frame of the building also prevents shock from static electricity that can get into the cables and interrupt signal.

Sorting It Out With Efficient Cable Management

Other wiring methods that allow diagonal wiring create a jumbled, unorganized mess - either in the ceiling or under an access floor. With HH Robertson Q-Floor/Taproute™ system, wires are concealed and routed in a trench header from accessible closet and are easily pulled into the appropriate compartment or cell supplying power, data, and telephone to the individual Tapmate™ outlet boxes.

The trench header runs perpendicular to the cells creating right angle cable management, which allows wiring to be easily tracked and modified. This system is engineered to optimize low-voltage wiring space.

  • Fully accessible trench header, easing modifications and adding/subtracting cables
  • Compartmentalizes power, data, and telephone cables in both the trench header and in cells to comply with the NES and UL requirements
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