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School Cable Distribution Systems

School Cable Distribution Systems

Ensuring the safety of children and teachers since 1931, HH Robertson school cable distribution systems can help improve indoor air quality. All leaded cables are incased in concrete within steel cells to prevent lead dust and other harmful cable ingredients in cable plastic from entering the air.

In the event of a fire, alternative wiring methods like poke-thru devices allow smoke to rapidly travel through floor slab penetrations, spreading toxic smoke through the building. But the floor slab is never penetrated when installing an HH Robertson cable distribution system in a school.

HH Robertson school cable distribution systems also allow flexible computer placement by providing easy access and activation of preset outlet boxes.

Recent Projects


Project Name: Bismarck State College
Architect: Aw Bw
City: Bismarch, ND

Project Name: Columbia University
Architect: Shepley Bulfinch Richardson
City: New York City, NY

Project Name: Community College Of Southern NV
Architect: Domingo Cambeiro Corp
City: Henderson, NV

Project Name: Middlebury College
Architect: Gwathmey Siegel & Associates
City: Middlebury , CT

Project Name: Ohio State - Larkins Hall
Architect: Moody Nolan, Inc.
City: Columbus, OH


Project Name: Reedley Community College
Architect: Muratore Associates
City: Reedley, CA

Project Name: Sonoma State University
Architect: ED2 International
City: Rohnert Park, CA

Project Name: St Cloud University
Architect: The Leonard Parker Associates
City: St Cloud, MN

Project Name: The University of Iowa Rec. Center
Architect: RDG Planning & Design
City: Iowa City, IA

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