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The most common methods of cable distribution can result in lead poisoning, incapacitation from toxic smoke penetration, even catastrophic structural failure. Sound far-fetched? Unfortunately, it's not. Uncover how current code-approved systems and methods of cabling are fatally flawed and how the industry is finally beginning to respond.

Title: Enhancing Health & Safety Through Informed Cabling Design Decisions

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Description: Does code-approved mean safe? This program answers this question by exploring a host of serious health and safety risks related to four ubiquitous, code-approved methods of cable distribution, including: plenum cabling, poke-thru cabling, and non-metallic surface raceway. You’ll explore loopholes in current codes that enable these flawed systems and methods to persist. You see how health and safety organizations are beginning to respond, and you’ll learn what you can do to limit your potential liability.


AIA Continuing Education

Title: Cabling Safety in Multi-Story Structures

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Description: Cabling a building can be risky business. This program explores many potential health and safety hazards of popular code approved cabling methods and systems including: poke-thru devices, ceiling plenum cabling, cable trays, and plastic raceways and demonstrates how in-floor cellular distribution systems are designed and engineered to minimize or eliminates these risks.

AIA Continuing Education
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